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Head of Inti Creates Calls Mighty No. 9 Trailer "Unforgivable"

Takuya Aizu threw a bit of a tantrum, but to be fair, the trailer really does suck.

Sony Has Now Sold Over 40 Million PS4s

It's not the best-selling Sony console yet, but it is the fastest.

Ex Watch_Dogs Devs Working on New Online Brawler

Absolver is an online melee action game with fascinating mechanics and a sleek aesthetic.

New "Battle" Mini-Game Comes to Minecraft Next Month

Ever wanted an arena-style combat mode in Minecraft? No? Well, you're getting one.

Deus Ex: Mankind Divided - The Mechanical Apartheid

In 2027, mechanically-augmented people all over the world suffered from extreme psychotic delusions, lost control of themselves, and started attacking people.

Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon: Wildlands - In-Engine Trailer

See the various environments, vehicles, and ways to kill the bad guys in this new video.

Why We Love Loot in Gaming

A great story isn't enough to justify dozens of hours of grinding. We need some sick gear to keep us going.

Thanks for Ripping Us Off Battleborn!

Can we really trust Gearbox and Battleborn?

7 Killer DOOM Tips You Need to Rule Multiplayer

Go from new player to Doom-Slayer in no time.

Bungie Fixed Destiny’s Rocket Exploit

Bungie ironed out some issues with a Destiny exploit that was preventing a new event from running.

Mirror’s Edge May Become a TV Show

Do you have faith in a TV show based on Mirror's Edge?

Pre-order Deus Ex: Mankind Divided for Extra Deus Ex

You'll get to play Human Revolution before mankind's divided, if you own an Xbox One and pre-order some Deus Ex.

No Man’s Sky May Be Delayed

No Man's Sky may not appear on the horizon in June.

New Xbox Ones Planned for 2016 and 2017

More Xbox One models are supposedly on the way.

Zelda Wii U Playable Next Month at NY Nintendo Store

500 lucky fans will get the chance to play the new Legend of Zelda next month at Nintendo's New York store.

Titanfall 2 Leak Hints at Grappling Hooks, Bigger Maps

An anonymous Reddit user has shown off a leaked image and some details for Respawn's anticipated sequel to Titanfall.

Hitman Episode 3 Coming May 31

This time Agent 47 is headed to Morocco.

Unreal Tournament Reboot Gets New Map Today

For a game still in pre-alpha, it's looking pretty darn good.

Xbox - June Games with Gold Trailer

June's Games with Gold lineup includes Goat Simulator, The Crew and more!

Tutorials Suck, But They Don't Have To

The mark of a great developer is taking what is usually the most boring part of a game and making it fun and memorable.

Should We Earn DLC or Pay For It?

More companies should give people the option to buy add-ons with in-game currency rather than real cash.

The Division 1.2 May Make Your Avatar Disappear

Some people's The Division characters are missing in action after updating to 1.2.

The Humble Ubisoft Bundle’s Back for an Encore

The Humble Ubisoft Bundle is so good that you've got a second chance to snatch it up.