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How to Make Sure You Buy a Crap Game as a Present

Sometimes, you want to buy somebody the absolute worst game available as a gift.

How To Make Sure You Don’t Buy A Crap Game as a Present

Use our checklist and never disappoint your loved ones.

Game Movies We’re Actually Looking Forward To!

Believe it or not, there are several gamed-related films currently in-development that seemingly show a lot of promise. Read on to find out which ones!

Last-Minute Holiday Xbox One Deals Available

Get a $50 gift card from GameStop or 12 months of Xbox Live Gold for free with Newegg.

Update Brings Tweaks and New Features to GTA V

Homing launcher, proximity mines and more available now in latest roll-out.

Celebrate The Holiday Season with Rockstar

Enjoy far more than just simple reindeer antlers and candy canes in this latest content update.

Telltale Is Making a.... Minecraft Game?

It likely won't be as violent as The Walking Dead.

Study Shows Some Games Can Help Psychopaths Empathize

Could video games be used to help treat mental diseases?

Amazon Launches One Hour Delivery Service

Get your video games in one hour.

Street Fighter V Currently 20% Developed

Many things will change before the game comes out.

New Form of Wavedashing Found In Smash Bros. for Wii U

Perfect Pivoting allows you to move forward while sliding.

Steam's 2014 Holiday Sale Kicks Off

PC gamers know that this is the time of year to revel in cheap games and bow down to Lord Newell, Monarch of Steam.

Top 10 Games of 2014

We count down the ten best games of 2014.

Dragon Age's Dorian Is BioWare's Best Romance Yet

Dorian's well-written romance arc is worth experiencing whether you're gay or nay.

Xbox’s Magic Number is 50!

Have gamers and industry insiders alike underestimated just how powerful the Xbox’s recent price cut truly is?

Will Rockstar Continue Making Third Person Games?

Studio clears the air regarding future releases.

Cast Your Vote for PlayStation’s Game of the Year

Nominees for Sony’s year-end awards recently announced.

Avengers Director Joss Whedon Talks The Vision in Age of Ultron

New details from the set of the upcoming sequel revealed by director himself.

Telltale Developing Minecraft Story Mode!

New Minecraft game will be stand-alone project, not an add-on to the current game.

GTA V Dev Plans to Announce Official PC Specs Very Soon

Players can transfer GTA Online characters from consoles to the PC version, too.

Nintendo Promises More GameCube Adapters for Wii U

It’s not yet known when exactly this new stock will be available in stores.

The PS4 is Perfect for Holiday Couch Co-op

The PS4 is the winner when it comes to enjoying couch coop with friends and family this time of year, and these games prove it.

Judge Approves False Advertising Lawsuit Against Killzone: Shadow Fall

The lawsuit can now proceed to trial, but the plaintiff might not get any money out of it.

3DS Sales Clearly Leading Up to New 3DS

Do all these 3DS and 2DS sales seem a little coincidental to you?