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  • Is The Division engaging enough to seduce an unsatisfied Destiny player-base? That could be in the cards if Ubisoft doesn't shoot itself in the foot. CheatCC attempts to find out in this beta preview.

  • Harley is so much more than just a great Batman villain, but rather a pop culture icon! So we're counting down our top ten reasons to love (or hate to love) this psychotic beauty.

  • XCOM: Enemy Unknown became the standard-bearer for every tactical turn-based game that followed. With skillful improvements and well-designed new features, XCOM 2 now holds the torch, and its light is blinding.

  • The roster of world-warriors who've came and went over the years is almost too staggering to count. But CheatCC has compiled a list of our top seven fighters we feel would be a perfect addition to Capcom's upcoming fifth installment.

  • With four new maps and one zombie offering in the latest Awakening DLC pack, gamers may want to consider ponying up some dough for Black Ops III's season pass.

Don't Judge DOOM by Its Awful Cover

Why is "Boring Marine Against Bland Background" the default image for practically every game these days?

Is This the Secret to Saving Titanfall?

More money could mean Titanfall 2 won't be forgotten in about a year, like the original Titanfall.

Every Amiibo Will Work With Pokken Tournament

You amiibo collectors are getting another game that will make your whole collection more useful.

Infamous Chinese Pirating Syndicate Taking a Year Off

Is 3DM performing an economics experiment or has encryption technology made their work too hard?

The PC Version of The Division Held Back by Consoles

Should all versions of The Division stay visibly comparable, or does Ubisoft owe it to PC gamers to optimize their version?

Child Abuse Is Keeping The Binding of Isaac Off iTunes

Apple doesn't approve of The Binding of Isaac.

Red Dead Redemption Was Temporarily Backwards Compatible

Wanna-be Xbox One cowpokes will have to wait a bit longer.

Unsung Story’s Kickstarter Results in a Song Unsung

Another Kickstarter's gone belly up! Better think before you back.

The Next Titanfall Lets You Play by Yourself

Titanfall is branching out with its sequel, a spin-off, and more.

XCOM 2’s First Mod Adds a Corgi Cannon

Is that a Welsh Corgi? No, it's an ACORG-47!

Tom Clancy's: The Division - Skills Trailer

Learn about the three different categories in the online shooter with this new trailer.

Far Cry Primal - Live Action TV Spot

Check out the live action trailer for the upcoming Ubisoft game.

Why the NX Won’t Repeat the Wii U’s Mistakes

Wherever Square Enix goes, profits are sure to follow.

Why Ubisoft’s Rivals Should Fear Them

Ubisoft won't be soft on the competition this year.

Are FPS Campaigns a Huge Waste of Money?

Is the industry trending away from single player campaigns in competitive FPS games? Cliffy B says yes.

Top 10 Reasons We Love Harley Quinn

Harley is so much more than just a great villain, and here are ten reasons to love her.

Break Out Your Debit Cards for Halo 5's $25 Req Bundle

Yes, everything is still cosmetic and yes, 343 insists that this is what keeps the new maps free.

Ubisoft Generously Applies Game-Breaking Patch to Rainbow Six

Why are you doing this to us? Why do you have to ruin your best game?

Conan O'Brien Is Clueless Playing DOOM

Two opposing Super Bowl players join Marshawn Lynch to help Conan blow up some demons.

Destiny Update Brings Change to the Crucible

Those of you with slower connections won't be happy.

Mirror’s Edge Catalyst Closed Beta Will Give Us Time to Reflect

Signing up is the catalyst for possibly being part of a Mirror's Edge closed beta.

Rumor: Nintendo May Let Us Meet Our Mother 3

We may get one more Earthbound game in North America!

Nathan Drake Will Always Stare at You With This PS4

Don't worry. Even though the Nathan Drake on your Uncharted 4 PS4 is watching you, he isn't judging you.

Meet Your DOOM in May

Don't feel doomed by the inevitable DOOM launch and collector's edition.